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What kind of API does FaucetPay offer?

We currently offer two types of services:

1. Faucet API: If you own a faucet and would like to pay your users over FaucetAPI, please add your faucet at Faucet Owner Dashboard and copy the API key generated. You can find Faucet Owner Dashboard here at https://faucetpay.io/page/faucet-admin. You can find the API documentation at https://faucetpay.io/page/api-documentation.

2. Deposit (Merchant) API: If you want to accept payments (deposits) using FaucetPay, you need admin approval first. To request admin approval, please go to User Dashboard -> Deposit API page to request access. The link to that page is here at https://faucetpay.io/merchant. You will also find the API Documentation for it on the same page.

Updated on December 21, 2021

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