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What kind of advertisement offerings are available at FaucetPay?

We offer the following advertisement options for your business:

1. Sponsored Listings: Sponsored listings are shown on our Faucet List page at top of the list in yellow. These are four rows of ads and each row can have 15 active ads (which are rotated on each pageview). The cost for a one-week listing goes around 20 USD payable in any cryptocurrency.

2. PTC Ads: Paid to Click ads are the best option if you are looking for quick attention and traffic. Users are paid to visit your website for a specific time period (in seconds). You can choose the viewing time period and user reward based on your own preference. Higher reward means that your ad would be positioned first on the page and would get more attention than other advertisements. The pricing starts at 3,000 Satoshis (BTC) for 1,000 clicks.

3. Banner Ads: Banner Ads are exclusively for FaucetPay and its partners. However, if you have anything in mind, please let us know.

Updated on December 21, 2021

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